The Howells' List history of appointments:

Court of Appeal

The Hon. Justice Redlich

Supreme Court of Victoria

The Hon. Justice Bell
The Hon. Justice Cavanough
The Hon. Justice Hargrave
The Hon. Justice Judd

Federal Court of Australia

The Hon. Justice Kenny
The Hon. Justice Tracey RFD
Deputy District Registrar Allaway

County Court of Victoria

The Hon. Judge Cohen
The Hon. Judge Sexton
The Hon. Judge Bourke
The Hon. Judge Coish
The Hon. Judge Hampel
The Hon. Judge Grant
The Hon. Judge Allen
The Hon. Judge Parsons
The Hon. Judge Wischusen
The Hon. Judge Taft
The Hon. Judge Ryan

Family Court of Australia

The Hon. Justice Bennett

Federal Circuit Court of Australia

Judge H Riley
Judge P Burchardt
Judge S Jones

Magistrates Court of Victoria

Magistrate T Hassard
Magistrate K Parkinson
Magistrate G McNamara
Magistrate G Connellan
Magistrate C Tan

Magistrates Court of Queensland

Magistrate A Thacker

Northern Territory Magistrates Court

David Bamber SM