Clerk Services

How we can Assist:
The Role of the Clerk is to fit the right Barrister to your matter and your clients.
The Clerks at Howells' List will smooth this sometimes difficult process.
Even if you have chosen a Barrister, it is prudent to call the List first to work out availability and fees.
If your choice of Barrister is not available, our knowledgeable Clerks will make it easy to brief another member of our experienced List.

The Clerks Office provides Mail, Telephone and Banking services for the List.
The Office is located at ground level 525 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
Office hours are 8.30am to 5:30pm weekdays.
Kate Conners and Kate Dugan are available out of hours on their mobiles.
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Prompt payment of fees is a professional courtesy.
Busy Law Practices sometimes leave payments for Barristers' invoices in the bottom of their In-tray. Some In-trays have them there for years.
Please be considerate of your Barrister, and pay promptly.
Standard Terms for a Barrister's Fees are 30 days. Penalty interest can be applied after this time as per in the Invoices.