Corporate Counsel

Direct Access For Corporate Counsel:

Howells' List barristers are frequently briefed directly by corporate/in-house counsel. The advantages to your company of this direct access approach are numerous.

Briefing counsel directly (which can be done by any lawyer who holds a practising certificate) means that the company obtains efficiency of service provision, avoiding the expense and delay of using external solicitors as an intermediary.

Our barristers are available to be briefed at any stage of your matter, whether it be pre-litigation involvement, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, at an interlocutory stage, or for final hearing. Early involvement of counsel is recommended.

Our barristers are able to work as part of a strategic team approach with your company to achieve quality and efficient services, such as substantive legal, procedural or strategic advice, without the need for external solicitors.

Our clerks would be pleased to answer any queries that you may have regarding direct access briefing by corporate/in-house counsel.